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Pirates & Scallywags Trilogy

The Pirates & Scallywags trilogy follows the adventures of three pirate captains during the Golden Age of Piracy.

From plundering ships on the high seas to wild nights in legendary scallywag haunts, Captains Umberland, Montpellier, and Estevez, live life to the fullest!

However, both the English and Spanish Navies are furiously searching for them, committed to bringing them to justice.

And in the shadows, evil forces are growing in strength, threatening to destroy all pirates.

Pirates & Scallywags: Part II

The thrilling adventure continues as your favorite scallywags return for more action-packed shenanigans!


Captain Montpellier heads into the unknown in search of the legendary Lost Gold of Old Havana, only to discover the jungle hides many secrets…and catastrophic danger.


Captain Estevez sets a deadly trap for the bounty hunter relentlessly pursuing him, but a new foe will push him to the brink of destruction.


Captain Umberland confronts his mutinous former crewmembers and plots the next target to plunder, however Captain Hazard of the English Royal Navy has a deadly surprise in store for him.


Alice reluctantly recovers from her devastating assault on Borracho, while Jenny follows a lead about the men who attacked her and finds new allies.


Old grievances, raucous taverns, and nights of debauchery are overshadowed by a growing evil spreading death and misery that threatens to destroy all pirates.

Pirates & Scallywags: Part I

Pirates & Scallywags is a non-stop thrill ride set during the Golden Age of Piracy that takes readers on a vivid journey through the pirate life! The story follows the exploits of three pirate captains: Captain Umberland, Captain Montpellier and Captain Estevez.


From dealing with vengeful fellow pirates to absorbing the brunt of Mother Nature's fury to entanglements with the authorities, we follow our band of rouges as they plunder ships, drink their way through legendary pirate strongholds, and meet the wild and fascinating characters living the outlaw life throughout the Caribbean.


Join the adventure as a mysterious stranger stalks Estevez, Umberland’s luck turns, and Montpellier embraces his lust for life!

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